Zoran Milutinovic

Zoran Milutinovic

Physician, otolaryngologist, neck oncosurgeon, laryngeal microsurgeon, phoniatrician, PhD, full time professor (University of Belgrade School of Medicine), retired.

Distinctions in photography:

  • Master of photography (MF FSS), Photo Association of Serbia.
  • Master of Photography (MPSA), Photographic Society of America.
  • Gold PSA (GPSA), Photographic Society of America.
  • Excellence/p (EFIAP/p), International Federation of Photographic   Associations.

Photographic career:

  • Participant of 380+ group exhibitions in 50+ countries., honoured with 290+ rewards and commendations.
  • 36 solo exhibitions of photography.
  • Author of three photo-books.

Fields of interest in photography:

  • Nature and wildlife, infrared, documentary, abstract and experimental photography.