About Us

We're people who just love arts or engage in arts professionally and who in July 2005 made a decision to take their years of informal cooperation, association and exchange of opinions to the next level by forming the official Art Forum Association.
Since then, numerous prominent but also unconfirmed artists have had their projects realized with the logistical support of the "Art Forum".
Among the more significant activities on the territory of the Municipality of Arandjelovac are: Photography Symposium "Aqua Viva" implemented in cooperation with the local tourist organization in years 2009, 2012 and 2014. In 2013, action "S.O.S. for the Old Palace", the art colony "Orasac", the publication of the magazine "Zmajac", the conceptual exhibition of paintings by the local painters` group "ArTeritoria", numerous exhibitions of contemporary artists in cooperation with the Association for Fine Arts of Arandjelovac and other associations and organizations. In 2017 a project "The Secret Life of Stone", an exhibition by the painter Miodrag Zubac was opened in Trebinje. The Symposium of Photography "Arandjelovac 2018", the exhibition "180 Years of Arandjelovac", "Procession", the book of poetry by Omer Petojevic, "From Ace to Two", the book of poetry by Ljubivoje Stefanovic Babovac and "Arandjelovac in the Past", a book by Dusan Anic,